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Best and Healthy Low Calorie Meals

The biggest myth surrounding the health conscious or people who want to be healthy is the low calorie food, although healthy can be very bland and boring. This is not necessarily the truth as the best low calorie foods are often delicious and great for health. It is still a dream that zero-calorie cake comes to life, but this is still just a dream. This doesn’t mean that there are no foods that can satisfy both the body and the soul and just a gentle reminder, doing an extra work out is not a solution.

It is very important to choose the right low calorie food or low calorie meal as the right choice of the best low calorie meal could mean a lot of fat burnt while satisfying the taste buds. Here are some of the best low calorie foods that also taste great.

GRAINS. Well we all love a nice loaf of bread or a cup of rice but we all also know that these foods are a nightmare for anyone trying to lose some weight or maintain some weight. But not all hope is lost as there are some grains which are healthy low calorie foods. Wheat bran is the most popular one on this list as it is just around 124 calories per cup. Another great and healthy low calorie mail of grains is Bulgur which is around 152 calories a cup and has a very grainy taste and texture.

VEGETABLES. The easiest way to do it is vegetables. They are healthy and extremely delicious. Well this can sometimes be very tricky. While celery is a great meal to have, potatoes, not so much. Here are a few vegetables that live up to their health quotient. Celery is the king of healthy food and while not everyone enjoys the taste, if you can get used to it, it’s the best low calorie meal. Another great way to burn fat and love your food is to eat watercress. With around 4 calories for a cup it can make your life really simple, put it in a vegetable sandwich or just salad and you’re all set to go!

FRUITS. Nothing to tell here. Fruits are great. Delicious, sweet, sour, bitter, filling and extremely healthy. The best low calorie foods. Grab some strawberries, some plums or some honeydew lemon and you’re done. Mouthwatering.

MEATS. No meal feels complete without a solid dose of meaty protein to go with it. While some meats and proteins are fatty and unhealthy, the right amounts of the right kind of meat could be really healthy and also really filling. Turkey breast which is available at almost every supermarket easily is a great nutrient supplement, combined with some vegetables it can prove to be a healthy meal. At around 70 calories for a cup, cod is also a healthy meat. Although the amount of calories is low, cod contains large amounts of selenium which is a great anti-oxidant. Couple it with some garlic almonds and lemon to get a delicious, healthy and sumptuous meal.

Go out to your local supermarket or farmers market and get some of the foods mentioned above and couple them with healthy meats. It might sound unhealthy but a balanced diet is the best low calorie and healthy way to get in shape, or stay in it.